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1- Why TripPlanner?

The internet is filled with all kinds of travel offers with discounts. But what should you do? Which is the cheapest? And which is the best? We didn't know where to look or to book and therefore we started TripPlanner, a website that is based entirely on personal experiences. We have daily new offers, at the best rates on the internet.. Please have a look to see if there is something to your liking. And if so, then book your break on our website. And if there is nothing to your taste on it today, then please look again tomorrow and find something that is. It's easy!

2- How does TripPlanner work?

At TripPlanner, we encourage traveller to enjoy local experiences to enrich your travelling hobby, After choosing experiences you like the website will suggest you to choose the accommodation at the destination you wish to travel to, besides we also know you want us to provide transportation booking service, After receiving your trip requirements we will send you a quotation & an itinerary for your confirmation & payment.

3- Can I choose travelling experiences without booking accommodation & Vice Versa?

Yes, you can. Our website allows you to choose experiences only or accommodation only.

4- I have found a experience I like, how can I book?

Just tick in the box next to, then choose your arrival date, select the number of persons and other information required in the form, after all click send button then we will receive your request

5- How do I know if the trip has definitely been booked?

You will receive an e-mail confirmation from us immediately after your payment. This is sent to your specified e-mail address. You will find a confirmation of Experiences & the accommodation you can expect.

6- I want to book for several experiences for my trip. What to do?

Yes you can, but we will consider feasibility of this booking & let you know before you make payment

7- Can I book for a group?

We understand you don't want to travel alone, but with all your colleagues, friends or family. With TripPlanner you can enquire to go away as a group. Just send your inquiry to marketing@tripplanner.com.vn. Please indicate in your email the number of people, the location, and the period in which you travel and and we will make the arrangements for you.

8- What personal information do I have to fill in?

When booking experiences & accomodation, it is often sufficient to fill in your preferred name. it is important that you fill in the exact details of your travel documents &  It is very important to check your data well before you make the booking.

9- My personal information secured?

Yes definitely, we do not share your information to any party except hotel & tour operator who are taking care your trip, for more information please refer to our privacy statement.

10- How can I pay?

At TripPlanner we accept bank transfer, cash collection, bank account deposit & pay at TripPlanner counter. Besides, you pay by credit card through MOTO, we will send confirmation to your email after receiving payment.

11- Can I book by phone?

With TripPlanner obviously our holiday advisors are able to help you through your booking, over the phone.

12- Can I book experiences & accommodation not listed in TripPlanner website?

Yes, you can send us your expectation & our TripPlanner love to tailor your trip

13- What if something happens and I can't travel on my chosen date?

Please contact us and we will look into the possibility of changing your booking to a new date. Changes are subject to availability, and the provider may charge for this modification. Note: this is not possible with air travel!

14- What if something happens and I have to cancel my booking?

Please contact us and we will look into the possibility of refunding your booking, this is subject to cancellation policy we mention in our confirmation.

15- Can I send a special request?

For special occasions, dietary needs or other special requests please contact us. Our trip consultants will then enquire from the property all the possibilities. Whether the request can be met, is dependent on the property. TripPlanner can guarantee this.

16- Where can I send my comments, questions or suggestions?

If you can' find your question in the list, or you have a comment or suggestion for TripPlanner? Then we are here to help you on (+84) (08) 3740 4266 or our Facebook www.facebook.com/TripPlannerVietnam. Our trip advisors can be reached on weekdays from 8:30AM until 8PM and weekends from 9:00AM until 4PM. You can also email us via marketing@tripplanner.com.vn. If you have a question about an existing reservation, please keep your reference number at hand when making the call.

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