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Tripplanner General T&Cs

The general terms and conditions are applicable to every TripPlanner offer/experience/deal and to every agreement made between www.tripplanner.com.vn and the consumer. Before the agreement is finalised, it is possible for the consumer to read this text.

The general terms and conditions can be changed at any time, without a notification from TripPlanner. These changes will not apply to bookings that have already been completed with TripPlanner.

Article 1 - The offer/experience/deal

1. When the offer/experience/deal has limited validity or falls under specific conditions, this will be specifically mentioned in the offer/experience/deal. 


3. Every offer/experience/deal provides enough information to give the consumer a clear image of his or her rights and duties, binding to the agreement of the offer/experience/deal. Generally this applies to:

a. The price of the offer

b. The price of potential taxes the consumer has to pay

c. The price of potential additional costs

d. The price of avoidable costs

e. The potential usage of the right to withdrawal

f. The payment method and realisation of the agreement

g. The period of accepting the offer/experience/deal, as well as the amount of time for which TripPlanner guarantees the price

Article 2 - The agreement

1. TripPlanner is a mediator between the provider and the consumer. In all cases, the provider of the products and/or services has to follow up the agreement finalised on the TripPlanner website(s).

2. The consumer is responsible for providing correct personal and payment information. TripPlanner cannot be held responsible in case when the consumer provides incorrect information.

3. The consumer has to be aged 18 years or over to book an offer/experience/deal with TripPlanner.

4. When the terms and conditions of the provider do not correspond with the TripPlanner terms and conditions, it will be mentioned in the offer or confirmation.

5. Agreement to the offer/experience/deal becomes definitive when the consumer fills in his or her personal and payment information on the website. TripPlanner confirms receipt of the agreement electronically.

6. Personal and payment information will be sent to TripPlanner Office in Vietnam electronically, where the order will be executed.

Article 3 - Withdrawal

The offers of accommodation, transfer, restaurant, experience or recreation on a certain date or during a certain period in time, are excluded from the right of withdrawal by the consumer.

Article 4 - Cancellation and/or modification by the consumer

1. Cancellation of flight tickets is not allowed according to the terms and conditions of the airlines. When the consumer wants to cancel or change his/her flight, the consumer has to contact TripPlanner if the consumer purchased the tickets thru TripPlanner & additional expenses may occur & beared by the consumer.

2. In case of cancellation, the consumer will never get a refund on the booking fees. With multiday activities, the cancellation conditions of the hotel or tour operator will apply. These costs can reach up to 100%.

3. When the consumer wants to change or cancel their booking of an accommodation, he/she has to contact the customer service at TripPlanner. This can only be done via email between the hours of 08:00 and 17:30 on working days only. When the consumer contacts customer service after 17:30, the next day will count as the day of cancellation.

4. TripPlanner does not give any guarantee concerning modification of data. Changes will be made in consideration with the provider. The consumer will cover potential costs.

5. If the reason for cancellation is covered by insurance that the consumer took out for the booking, it is possible to request a refund of the cancellation costs from the insurance company. The cancellation terms mentioned above will not apply in that case.

Article 5 - Cancellation and/or modification by TripPlanner

1. TripPlanner reserves the right to cancel the booking before it is complete at any time, when the consumer does not provide TripPlanner with relevant information about his or her self or about other people involved in the booking.

2. If the booking cannot proceed, TripPlanner will let the consumer know immediately.

3. In case of overbooking or bankruptcy of the provider, TripPlanner will provide the consumer with a sole alternative. If the consumer does not agree to the alternative, TripPlanner will cancel the booking for free.

4. In the event of force majeure, TripPlanner is not obligated to provide an alternative and/or compensation.

Article 6 - Price and Payment

1. Negotiation about prices mentioned on the website is not possible. Misprints and mistakes are not binding.

2. Payments have to be made directly to TripPlanner after the consumer confirmed to TripPlanner, unless the offer says otherwise. To book and pay for a deal, the consumer has to check the availability first. After that, the consumer has to click on an available date and fill in their personal information. Lastly, the consumer has to accept the payment method and the terms and conditions TripPlanner sending, and complete the payment.

3. Payments can be made via Bank Transfer, Bank deposit, Cash Collection, Pay at TripPlanner Counter, MasterCard and Visa card.

4. TripPlanner will not be held liable for additional costs of luggage, foreign transactions, visas, vaccinations and other costs, which are not mentioned as inclusive in the offer/experience/deal.

Article 7 - Complaints

1. If the consumer has a complaint about the accommodation and/or trip, the consumer should first mention this to an employee of the accommodation and/or trip. When the problem cannot be satisfactorily resolved on location, the consumer has to contact TripPlanner customer service.

2. In case of complaints, the consumer can contact the TripPlanner custumer service by phone on +84 37404266. Furthermore, the consumer can email the customer service at planner@tripplanner.com.vn or send a complaint letter to TripPlanner Vietnam, 48 Street No.1, BinhAn Ward, District 2, HCMC, Vietnam.

3. Consumers can file a complaint within 72 hours after return. TripPlanner will strive to provide a suitable response within 05 working days.

4. If the complaint was solved during the consumer’s stay at the accommodation/trip, TripPlanner will not provide any compensation if the consumer files the complaint after the trip/accommodation.

Article 8 - Practical Information

1. Passport/ ID Card requirements: A valid passport/ ID Card if required for all bookings made with TripPlanner. Specific passport, visa and other requirements are exclusively the responsibility of the consumer. These requirements can be checked with the relevant embassy or consulate. TripPlanner will not held liable if the consumer does not meet the passport/ ID Card requirements. Residents of the Vietnam can travel within Vietnam with a valid ID Card.

2. Travel insurance: TripPlanner does not provide travel insurance. It is strongly recommended that you get travel insurance that covers the whole length of the trip.

3. Health: Depending on the booking, specific health services can be obligatory. It is strongly recommended to visit a doctor or a pharmacy for health information before the concerned trip. TripPlanner is not held liable for health problems that may occur during/at the trip/accommodation.

TripPlanner (Công Ty TNHH Thiet Ke Hanh Trinh) is a limited liability company, it is registered in Vietnam, registration number 0312164980.

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